Lean Implementation

ATASI- Developing a Lean Culture…​

ATASI is the unique comprehensive approach towards creating Lean Culture in organization which is developed by Lean Maestro.

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Culture is a Hypothetical Construct!!!

While implementing lean successfully, that too with consistent improvement in performance, the contribution of Lean tools is not more than 20%. But, to realise and understand this, one must be familiar with another concept, “The Lean Culture”.

Culture can be defined as the sum of the people’s habits related to getting the work done. That is why, while implementing the changes in process, it should be also the task to change the thinking of all the people towards the work. Culture is an idea that gets built up from experiences.

Your Lean Process Should Be Lean Process.

“The Most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.”

“Waste is a tax on whole people.”

Strategic planning






Glimpses- Industrial Setup

Reducing 20% workforce with 16% efficiency improvement for Crayon & Eraser (Camlin) Manufacturing Unit

Client relocated both the manufacturing units at single unit. Bhishma Industries consulted for plant layout, automation and special purpose  machine to provide Industry 4.0 ready plant. 

Lean idea is to remove waste from your inventory. Waste in the form of costs, time and effort you require to manage it. These could be avoided if only the true data is analyzed and counter measures are taken by the responsible personnel.  To analyses the impact of the various physical parameters, such as material handling rate, setup time of machine, worker efficiency on the plant efficiency. 

35% space saving on vibration reducing material processing unit. Concept to erection complete project completed.

The objective of the project was to build workshop for processing, finishing and packaging of sheets. We design complete plant under IS8091 . 

Efficiency of production lines is critical as it results in an improved production & utilization of available resources. Major factors contributing to production line efficiency are manpower utilization & machine efficiency. Measuring the machine efficiency & man power utilization should be on-line, accurate & truthful.