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The pre-requisites for any company in Industry-4.0 are: Priorities, Capabilities and Mind-sets. World has a wide scope for improvement digitally.

Industry 4.0 (IIoT) is the combination of Information Technology and Operational Technology (Lean).  In Industry 4.0 era, the proven principles of Lean such as reducing waste in the form of machine breakdowns or non-value adding activities will remain fundamental. At the same time, advancements in data collections, sensors, robotics & automation, new technologies, and increased computing power will enable advanced analytics and give established methods a new edge.


Kaizen- New Innovation

Special Purpose Machine

"SPM for Taping Machine"

The taping machine will have four number of tapes and 2 cutter, one is slitter other is slicer. The machine is fed with foam tube manually from right side. First bottom tape and top tape are stacked then slitter blade operates. Next tape no. 3 and tape 4 are introduced after that slicing cutter is operated. The gripper at extreme left will drag the foam to the length (1 meter).

"SPM for Degree Orientation Fixture For Hose Pipe"

To design a fixture in such a way that outer fitting of the hose pipe will rotate in 0 to 360 degree. Interfacing keyboard and display with designed fixture.

"SPM for “O” Ring Shape Rubber Tubes"

Main purpose of SPM is, to cut the tube as per required length, and joint both end with adhesive then it will look like as an O ring shape. The tensile strength of the joint 2 kg approx. if joint will break then it should move into the rejection bin either it should be in OK bin.

"Vertical SPM for Box Making"

Phase One, Pickup from rack & Placing on worktable for preparing the box which includes opening of box and closing its one side by taping. In Phase Two, Deliver it to defined position.

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