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Clean Energy

Tracker Based Solar Power Plant and
Solar Energy Roof

Industry 4.0

Lean Implementation with Special Purpose Machines

Vision to Kaizen

Need of Lean to Green Lookout

“It is time to think about the environment while enhancing the efficiency of business processes. “Zero Effect, Zero Defect” should be the “New Normal” for businesses to stay on track with sustainability. Lean principles, when combined with a Lean society, would undoubtedly result in zero waste of natural resources and zero nonconformance in quality.”

Automation for Industry 4.0

“In these unprecedented times, organizational leaders must embark on a new journey toward Industry 4.0. It is crucial to work on improving visibility, compliance, and automation. Lean culture is the fundamental perception of Industry 4.0, and businesses will need to cultivate Lean culture in order to respond to this change.”

CSR- Education for Perfection

A systematic, Lean-centered, and value-enhanced approach to education service delivery that encourages professionals to meet, lead, and shape industrial, individual, and social needs by integrating understanding, appreciation, and application of engineering fundamental tools and concepts through principles of respect for people and the environment, as well as continuous improvement…”

Indian Group of Companies

The business design will be singularly consumed services.

“Let’s design the POST-COVID world together”

As the pandemic affects many business domains, organizations should transform to “Learning Organizations.” Along with brand and product enhancements, they need a Learning Culture and strengthened ability to react to the fast-paced changes occurring around them.

It is now time for Lean Maestro to focus on customer initiatives for low-cost innovation that can be used across emerging markets following Covid-19. Lean Maestro excels at this.


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Involved in the Quality Council of India's ZED movement.


DST-assigned task for Indian scenario in Industry 4.0 has initiated.



Global service wings are being expanded.



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